ADR in action

Judicial Mediation is used in employment tribunals (a specialist kind of court to do with disputes between workers and employers). There are further details in this law firm’s website:

Judicial mediation

When the parties include an arbitration clause in a contract they are free to decide which kind of law their dispute will be settled under. An area where this has caused some publicity is using Sharia law to arbitrate marital disputes. Any legal issues concerning personal status, such as marriage, can only be decided by the courts using British law. However parties are free to use a different legal system to try to solve problems in their marriage or solve disputes before they get to court. This blog post discusses the issue in more detail and tries to give a balanced picture:

Sharia courts?

ACAS is the best known ADR organisation in the UK. They help solve workplace disputes, either individuals with a dispute or larger scale disputes such as the junior doctor’s strike in 2016. The website explains what they do and has case studies:

ACAS website



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